E-learning is the learning tool of the future. Today you as a resident or practicing radiologist can participate in e-learning activities from wherever you are and obtain access to the very best in radiology training. And this portal will bring world-class faculty and content to your computer wherever you may be.

In the age of digital technology and the internet interaction between faculty and students can be seamless across international borders. Our experience in teleradiology over the past 15 years has shown that technology is capable of bridging the gap both in healthcare access and education, in a time of shortage of radiologists and particularly of teachers.

With our commitment towards radiology training in India our e-learning endeavor is a way for us to reach out and assist you in your learning efforts to become even more skilled radiologists. We have worked hard to make this e-learning portal in radiology easily accessible and fun. Using this portal you will be able to attend high quality lectures on topics in Radiology, from anywhere with internet access, and even on your mobile device.

Our speakers are from our own faculty as well as eminent radiologists from all around the world. Our faculty brings to you teaching material based on cases derived from 20 countries around the world through our teleradiology operations.

We hope you enjoy this portal and regularly participate in the learning activities. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve your experience.

Welcome to elearning! We wish you an enjoyable and fun experience!

- The Team at Radguru